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Foundations of Search Engine Optimisation

Develop, build, and measure a lasting and winning SEO strategy.

Registration Fee: Php 15,000.00
*Schedules for the SEO Boot Camp are currently unavailable.
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Be client-ready, equipped with the knowledge of the best SEO practices,

tools, and techniques for increasing a website’s visibility online.


of people never scroll

past the first page

of a search engine


of the global search

traffic is from

organic search


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Google-sponsored ads

such as PPC/Search ads

This is not just a seminar wherein you’ll get to learn the principles of search engine optimization:
this is a hands-on introduction to SEO for aspiring webmasters and digital marketing professionals,
designed to let the participants experience the SEO process, from client briefs to analysis and reporting,
just the way professional SEOs do.

What To Expect:

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A Complete Comprehensive Training

Our Boot Camp delivers only the most comprehensive and on-demand PPC and Adwords Fundamentals personally developed by our digital marketing coaches. We breakaway from the traditional DM nonsense and focus straight on how to get solid business traction.

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Endorsed Certification

All of our training programs issue a printed certificate per enrollees once classes are passed and completed. This certifies each trained specialists to be PPC and AdWords ready and that they may have the right skills required in delivering actual results.

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Join An Active Marketing Community

Joining our Boot Camp grants member access to a wide range of cooperative marketing community. Our means of teaching and sharing of knowledge extends both on and off camp.


A hands-on SEO training for aspiring webmasters; teaching them to be client-ready and equipped with the right knowledge on the best practices, tools, and techniques.

SEO Boot Camp Objectives and Deliverables*

Introduction & Setting Expectations
Defining your target market and their pain points
Review of SEO Tools
The Keyword Research Formula
Researching Your Competition
Preparing a Keyword Seed List
Cleaning Your Seed List of Keywords
Using Google’s Keyword Planner
Reviewing Search Volumes
Prioritizing Your Keywords
Reality Check of Keyword Selection
Why Site Mapping is Critical to SEO Success
Understanding Search Intent
Mapping Keywords to Content
Creating an Editorial Calendar
SEO Plugins and Website Optimizers Are Not Enough
Content Optimization Overview

Creating Strong Page and Post Titles
Optimizing Heading Tags (H1-H6)
Using Keyword Variations
On-Page SEO Grading
Optimizing Images
Creating Meta Titles and Descriptions
Using Internal and External Links
Common Mistakes
Off-Page SEO Overview
Off-Page SEO Ranking Factors
Using Social Media for SEO
XML Sitemaps
Using Google Search Console for Health Check Up
Local SEO
301 and 302 Redirects
e-Commerce and non-ecommerce sites
Tracking SEO Performance

Four Intensive Saturday Lessons

Location: GF, Business Center 6, Philexcel Business Park, Ma Roxas Highway, Clark Freeport Zone, Philippines
    *Schedules for the SEO Boot Camp are currently unavailable. We will keep you posted for updates regarding training schedules
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Who Is It For?

Marketing Specialists — Skip the traditional, boring, online marketing video courses. Learn only the top-notch, tested, and on-demand AdWords strategies our in-house marketing coaches personally practice.
Business Owners — Save time and energy by skipping the unnecessary AdWords lessons from other training courses. Dive straight into the details and get more ground actions for your business’ future tractions. We will get you precisely into the substantial, juicy information tailored for every business model’s success.
Marketing Students — Develop your edge early in being a future eligible digital marketer. Train with the best practices outside universities, start fresh with our world-class training and pioneer digital marketing coaches.
Seeking Professionals — Explore the growing opportunity of Digital Marketing by starting with the ropes of Google AdWords. No previous work experience required – our trainings are tailored to custom fit each and every skill level.

What Makes Us Different?

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Tested and Proven Digital Marketing Strategies

As a leading marketing group, the strategies and tactics we provide are all tested and proven firsthand — by us.

We live and breathe Digital Marketing every single day, inside and outside the office. Our marketing coaches are result go-getters with many awards and certificates on their belt notch. Rest assured that the lessons covered were all personally practiced by our team of experts.

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Direct Result-Driven Marketing Lessons

We practice and preach marketing that delivers solid and guaranteed results.

Forget the boring, irrelevant discussions as we keep it short, simple, and goal oriented. Our objective is not for trainees to complete their training but to teach them how to actually deliver company results after the boot camp.

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Certifications Included

Our training issue a certification in the completion of the boot camp.

This recognizes each graduate to be knowledgeable mainly on AdWords PPC Advertising and other related topics discussed.

Each certification symbolizes our alumni to be proficient and actually have the skills to deliver real-time results to any company.


Guaranteed Fresh Learnings — or get your money back.

Shore Marketing is a training company. One of our mission is to teach every kind of marketers across all skill levels. We guarantee all boot camp alumnus a fresh marketing viewpoint and valuable information from our result-driven marketing coaches. This is exceptionally important, especially in the ever-changing landscape of modern Digital Marketing. We offer this assurance for all trainees. Money back is guaranteed if this is not met.

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“I know it is kinda pricey but it delivers and that is fact-based, from my experience. SEO Boot camp trainers were very knowledgeable and were able to tailor the whole day to our individual nees.”

-Del Pascua, SEO Specialist



“Good intro for starters and great refresher for those who are doing SEO but are outdated!!! Be part of the growing industry and be competitive. #InvestInTraining”

-Nikki Manlulu, Account Manager



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“For starters in SEO like me, joining the boot camp enabled me to grasp the understanding about its working process at a comfortable level. If you are looking to shift careers or a student that want to secure your place in the world of workforce, this is a good place to start.”

-Bianca Castro, Digital Marketing Specialist



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“I attend the March SEO Bootcamp and I learned many important things about SEO. From being a Link Builder, I became a Digital Marketer. If you are interested to become an SEO Specialist, don’t miss it!”

-Mia Davic, Digital Marketer


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“I attended the SEO Bootcamp last March and I learned a lot from it. It covered all the basics of SEO that can help you with your SEO journey. If you are new to SEO, this will be a good opportunity for you.

-Julius Van Isip, SEO Specialist

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