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Step 1: Identify the things you need to do before hiring a VA from the Philippines

Before you go out of your way to look for freelance profiles online, it’s best to read this list of the things you have to do before hiring a VA. It will give you an idea on how the hiring process will be, especially if you don’t have one yet.

A. List down the tasks you want to outsource

Create a list of all the tasks you need to outsource. This way, it will be easier to determine how many VAs you will need and the number of hours they need to finish certain projects. The list can also serve as your guide to know if you need a general or specialised VA.

B. Create job descriptions

Create job descriptions for the roles that your VA will be responsible for. It’s best to write separate job descriptions for general VAs and specialized VAs since the two have different responsibilities and skill levels. Take note that the general VA can only perform the basic tasks required in maintaining your Amazon account. While the specialized VA will take over all responsibilities that require a higher skill level or specialization in a certain channel. Job descriptions should contain the following:


  1. Background information about your business (your industry, what you sell, who your customers are)
  2. Level of education, experience, and/or skills required
  3. List of duties and responsibilities
  4. List of any apps, tools, or software they will be using
  5. Create a list of all the apps, tools, and software

C. Post-hiring announcements online

Get a broader reach by posting your job descriptions/opportunities online. Nowadays, there are many websites that allow you to post job descriptions for specific positions from different parts of the globe. If you’re not getting enough candidates, you can also post the announcement on your social media accounts to get more leads.

D. Review applications and test your top candidates

Review each profile carefully and schedule your top applicants for an interview and assessment. Test their communication skills and their knowledge about the industry and the position they are applying for. Hire a VA who is willing to be trained and is dedicated to learning about the brand and the products.

Step 2: Categorise the types VA according to skill level

The list can be your guide in identifying the qualities you should look for when hiring a virtual assistant. This will also help you in managing your virtual assistant. VA’s can be classified into three types depending on their skill level:

Junior Level VAs are familiar with basic knowledge about the e-commerce industry. These VAs can work on assigned tasks with minimal supervision.

Mid Level VAs possess broader knowledge about the e-commerce industry and are capable of using different e-commerce tools and software. Unlike juniors, they are capable of working independently.

Senior Level VAs have extensive knowledge of the e-commerce industry. They know how marketplaces work and are capable of building strategies on how to sell products. They are also skilled in using various e-commerce software and tools. Specialists are efficient and independent workers.


customer service duties of junior level VAs
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SEO virtual assistant tasks and requirements
fulfillment agent tasks and requirements
graphic designers tasks and requirements


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