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Digital Marketing Virtual Assistant

Investing too much on digital marketing means less time running your business.

Digital Marketing is digital for a reason…

More often than imaginable, Digital Marketing has saved you and your business from multiple pitfalls. It has enabled you to topple your competitors and meet multiple business milestones. Knowing every seam of your business coupled with the expertise on how to market it makes digital marketing a lethal weapon to win, win, win.

We understand that Digital Marketing is a great and rewarding platform to invest in. However, it is just as demanding and requires full-time management. As the business owner, you are also required to close deals, manage clients, audit the overall finances, and so much more tasks that only you can do – just to keep the company afloat. As a business owner, time is your most valuable commodity.

Imagine skipping tedious tasks such as daily management of your PPC Ads, creation and optimisation of your landing page, and the curation of social media posts just to keep up with your brand’s online presence. 

Imagine how much time you will be freed of; allowing you to meet and close in more clients or invest more time in creating or manufacturing a new product for your online shop.

Imagine the new opportunities you could get if you just focus on running your business. In a year or two, you could be expecting a business expansion.

What is a Digital Marketing Virtual Assistant?

A Digital Marketing Virtual Assistant or DMVA is exactly how it sounds. They are specialised virtual assistants who are well-rounded in SEM/PPC, SEO, Social Media, and content marketing. A Digital Marketing VA will be 100% dedicated to you and your business, 40 hours a week, handling every online marketing task from optimising your ads to posting a new blog article.

DMVAs generally cost relatively cheaper compared to an on-site Digital Marketing Assistant. This has been one of the main driving forces of offshoring your Digital Marketing, but we’ll talk more about the cost later. 

And unlike hiring general Virtual Assistants from freelancing websites, our DMVAs are well accustomed to a variety of online practices that make up the complete 360-degree marketing funnel. Whether you’re looking for an execution-level DMVA to handle the tedious tasks or a high-level DMVA expert to help you with digital marketing strategy, ShoreMarketing can find the right staff for your company.

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What are the misconceptions of outsourcing your digital marketing?

We know that you care about your brand, and entrusting it to an assistant – let alone an offshoring employee with a different cultural understanding – is hardly imaginable.

However, hiring an offshore Digital Marketing VA does not necessarily mean that the brand image you’ve worked hard to establish would easily disintegrate.

Remember: you are still hiring a virtual assistant who is compatible with your views and personality. Meaning, you are still in control of everything to be published online. Your brand will still be managed under your own care. Your strategy will still be implemented. 

This mitigates the risk of mishandling your brand marketing, so you can focus on running the company confidently.

How much can my business save by outsourcing?

Hiring an offshore Digital Marketing Virtual Assistant costs relatively cheaper than a local VA. Still, there are other high-value things you need to consider before calculating the actual cost difference between the two. 

We have listed down some factors for you to consider in making sure you are ready for an outsourced DMVA.

How much time do you spend updating your digital marketing platforms?

Managing Google Ads, setting up campaigns, publishing blogs, creating a content calendar for social media, and so much more. This is just too much, especially for someone who is expected to run and manage the business.

Having a Digital Marketing VA frees you from all of these technical challenges. All you need to do is work on growing the business and manage your DMVA for a smoother work process.


How critical is it to keep the staff member on site?

As aforementioned, Digital Marketing is called digital for a reason. Nearly all of the tasks of an on-site digital marketer can be outsourced to an offshore team. 

Keeping an on-site team member means having to provide their computers, internet, office station, benefits, etc. All of these are additional charges on top of their salaries. 

Hiring an offshore VA only requires a monthly package fee with no hidden charges. ShoreMarketing will handle these technical requirements, HR, and Admin related management so it will be none of your additional problems.

How are your competitors ahead of the competition?

Marketing is an aggressive game between you and your competitors. This has become more and more critical, with the accessibility for anyone to learn, advertise, and strategise their marketing online.

Digital Marketing enables you to reach your market easily. But at the same time, your competitors are also leveraging it with a strategy of their own. Instead of taking the risk to fall behind, it is a great investment to stay ahead of the competition. Hiring a DMVA also means hiring another set of eyes in monitoring your competitor’s performance while you are offline.

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What tasks can Digital Marketing VAs do?

Having a DMVA can free you from a wide range of repetitive and tedious tasks. These will always vary with every business model, but as long as it can be done on a computer, then it can be completed by your Digital Marketing Virtual Assistant.

Listed below are samples of Digital Marketing-specific tasks that your DMVA can deliver, and of which most generalist virtual assistants are incapable of.

Google Ads Management

Daily management of your ads is required to maximise your budget and get more views from the right audience. It is best practice to monitor your ads’ targeting every morning to see if they are being associated with the qualified keyword/market. 

Starting your daily routine by checking your ads for 20-30 minutes may be a trivial task. However, the long-term benefits of this kind of management can be magnanimous on your campaign’s performance which can be assigned to a DMVA.

SEO Management

Unlike Google Ads Management, SEO requires more time and resources to organically rank on Google’s search engine. Your VA should be capable of implementing basic SEO on your website. Instruct your DMVA with the right keywords to track and target. Elaborate your strategy and specific requirements, if any.

Social Media Management

Social Media is one of the most efficient mediums to engage with your brand followers and increase your brand’s online presence. Coming up with new and consistent social media posts require both time and creativity. Besides creating scheduled postings, community management is also another issue that demands real-time monitoring. Ask your DMVA to curate a content calendar on a spreadsheet that you will pre-approve on a monthly basis before posting. This is to initially manage and oversee your brand until your VA grows with your company and its branding.


Businesses, most especially for the B2B industry, benefit greatly from the regular production of blog content. Not only does this support your website’s dynamic content creation for better organic ranking potentialit also supports your brand’s authority, trust, and expertise (EAT). 

With a DMVA, you can designate blog topics that you want to be discussed on your website of which they will write. List down the points of objective that you want to be covered, and how you or your brand should stand out regarding these cont

Email Marketing Management

Customer emails should be addressed immediately, which can often take up much of your time especially if it involves numerous disputes over your product or services. Beyond managing your email relations, your DMVA can also create occasional email campaigns or a complete email marketing funnel to drive more traffic to the website.

Reputation Management

Pleasing everyone is difficult. With the accessibility and availability of information, your brand needs to be on top of every customer review online. After all, reviews are one of the most vital factors behind a conversion. 

This falls under the same category as community management. However, with the influx of review websites, reputation management becomes more difficult and time-consuming.

Ecomm/MarketPlace Inventory Management

Amazon and Ebay inventory management is a relatively simple and straightforward task, but it is demanding in terms of work hours. This tedious task can be easily delegated to your VA. Coordinating with Marketplace customer chats, FBA requests, and inventory updates are some of the tasks that ShoreMarketing DMVAs are already skilled with.

Manage Emails and Chats

Beyond managing your brand’s community relations, your VA can also be tasked with your personal business emails or chats whenever it involves setting of appointment meetings.

Data Mining and Lead Generation

Understanding the right market is a critical skill in a business or marketing, of which digital marketers excel at. Data mining and lead generation are some of the jobs you could instruct your VA to help your brand reach out to your market.

Data Entry Tasks

Your database should always be updated with the essential documents to help the business operations. Data Entry is one of the most standard tasks that you can outsource to your VA.

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